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The spoken word in a sanctuary represents the single most important event of every service. Communicating the message clearly and naturally throughout the entire sanctuary requires a carefully optimized sound system for both the spoken word and today’s demanding musical requirements.
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Allen Audio Ensemble Speaker
Conventional speaker systems, because of design limitations, are unable to distribute sound equally because of horizontal dispersion patterns as well as side wall and floor reflections. Lobing error, or the dispersion of treble sounds from a different vertical axis than midrange or bass frequencies, create a spectral imbalance that varies from row to row. No amount of equalization can correct this problem. The Ensemble speaker system is your solution.
Allen Audio has developed the Praise Series of speakers for the specific purpose of communicating clear, natural sound within a sanctuary. The first speaker in the Praise Series, the Ensemble, represents a revolutionary advancement in sound reinforcement design. Allen Audio determined that each listener would hear essentially the same sound intensity moving from front to rear of a room if the speaker’s acoustic horizon tapered at an oblique angle from the source. Special dual coaxial arrays were created to develop an obliquely angled plane of intensity.

Noah (Naturally Oblique Acoustic Horizon) conquers the intensity paradox without introducing vertical lobbing error within a 90 degree-dispersion pattern. Outside the 90-degree horizontal window, the highs and mids roll out quickly to avoid early sidewall reflections. The apparent volume and frequency content remains constant in the reverberant field even while walking down a center aisle.

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