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Audio management remains a common problem today because of the diversity of applications and requirements. Real time monitoring of audio by a sound professional is not always possible but often necessary because of equipment design and complexity. Budget considerations compound the problem by limiting choice, features and quality. People are looking for a product that provides a user-friendly interface, flexibility and quality at a price they can afford.
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Allen Audio VPA-100



The VPA 100 rotary dial interface allows anyone to operate the unit without extensive training or prior audio experience. The VPA 100 insures that your audio performances remain trouble free without the need for a professional sound engineer. The Allen installer uses the powerful MASS software to customize and configure your system to meet your personal needs and applications. 14 complex scenes stored as presets can instantly be recalled via the rotary dial on the front panel.
The VPA 100 Audio Management Matrix Architecture provides a powerful platform that allows you to manage and configure levels, routing, effects, dynamics, equalization and more per channel. The VPA 100 features eight inputs and eight outputs routed through a proprietary digital matrix. Unlike conventional mixing consoles, the matrix allows you to instantly route any input to any combination of outputs.

Fourteen presets provide instant access to your most complex audio configurations via a front panel rotary dial. From the front panel, two buttons allow for real-time management of up to 16 grouped levels per preset. Control groups provide instant access to individual or grouped devices should level changes become necessary within a preset. Designed for audio management of small to medium size rooms the VPA 100 can also function as an output management device in conjunction with other mixers where additional inputs are required.

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